Unspoken Benefits of Serviced Office to Big Businesses

Co-working spaces and serviced offices are very popular to startup business owners – and with good reason. The number of benefits it can provide to these new entrepreneur is outstanding. They can run their business with less cost and more flexibility.


But large enterprises can also take advantage of these new office set up. In fact, business centers in Abu Dhabi opened their services to big companies who are expanding their businesses in different location. This particular market received different set of benefits like:


  1. Testing new markets

Big companies who aims to expand their business do not immediately set a branch on their targeted locations. What they do is to subtle introduce the brand so they can test the waters, particularly with their target audience. Since they are still on the testing phase, it would not be wise to get an independent office to house their branch temporarily.


  1. Can set up as many branches as you want for less cost

Having an independent office is a long-term investment, especially if the brand is still establishing its presence on their targeted location. If these companies buy every an office space in every location that they are targeting, then it might be costly for them to do this. Overhead cost might shoot to the roof and they might not get their money’s worth as fast as they projected. With a serviced office space, companies will be able to establish branches in different location with a fraction of the cost.


  1. Lessen operations down-time when setting up office

Setting up an office would mean you have to spend time on making sure the office space is operational and functional before the employees get to work. Co-working spaces can provide your company with all the things you need to run your satellite branches with less down time. This type of office lease can provide the equipment that you need to run your operations. And they already have the amenities your employees can use to make them feel more comfortable.


  1. No need to hire more staff

With an independent office, you might need to hire more staff than you need to maintain your office space. Serviced offices has capable staff that can do some of these tasks for your company, like office security and maintenance.


  1. You can have a short-term lease

As mentioned, big companies who are on a testing phase are not keen on investing on their own office space just yet. What serviced offices can do is offer a short lease term that has flexible stipulations.

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