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  • Read This Before Applying For Visa Application In Dubai

    In order to apply for a UK visa from Dubai, there are a few things that you should know. Doing so will not only help you get the visa faster, but it will also ease the process. Always use an immigration consultancy firm to acquire visa. Similarly, you should ensure that your passport has at […]

  • Why Renting A Yacht Would Make More Sense

    Having your own yacht is definitely a good and exciting investment for some. The grandeur of this seas vessel is nothing to frown upon. And seeing one sailing into the high seas is surely a marvelous sight. But there are instances when renting one would be a much smarter choice than purchasing a whole vessel. […]

  • Negative impacts of tourism in Dubai

    Tourism has over time become an important leisure activity and Dubai, knowing this, has sought to become the leading tourist destination in the world. It boasts of excellent leisure facilities such as shopping malls, water parks, theme parks and hotels. The introduction of even newer projects such as the Dubai World Central and new airports […]