Negative impacts of tourism in Dubai

Tourism has over time become an important leisure activity and Dubai, knowing this, has sought to become the leading tourist destination in the world. It boasts of excellent leisure facilities such as shopping malls, water parks, theme parks and hotels. The introduction of even newer projects such as the Dubai World Central and new airports for passenger traffic is bound to increase further these visitors. It is truly an enviable environment.

And yet, as the old adage goes, every coin has two sides and this coin is not any different. Tourism in Dubai has come with its set of problems including:-

Environmental problems

When seated at a beach in Dubai, you are probably enjoying the most sparkling skyline in the whole of the Middle East. It is truly the stuff portraits are made of. But down on the ground, environmental problems have made the city start to be less alluring.

There have been in some places raw sewage disposals in Dubai’s portion of the Persian Gulf. This was as a result of the purification of seawater and the rise in levels of salinity.

As if this is not enough, there have been reports that the city is running out of energy to sustain its busy life which of course is an environmental concern. Providing fresh water that runs all those industrial projects has been a challenge; that and the fact that electricity is also a huge investment.

Of course, all is not the city’s fault, sometimes it is the tourist who fails to behave responsibly and he disposes garbage where he should not.

Commercialization of culture

Dubai has a very rich culture. Its wealth is bestowed on it by its abnormality when it comes to composition. There are over 200 nationalities living in that area which in itself is a huge number. It becomes bigger when contrasted with the small population.  This means that it is possible to be in a region and not find a service provider who speaks your language.

This is generally a good thing when it comes to giving residents a global worldview. One can argue that they learn to be accommodating pretty early. And yet, this culture and the nation’s tendency to take pride in it has led to problems such as depression in young adults and male infertility in residents due to their sedentary lifestyles.

Find a site that advertises Dubai and placed somewhere at the top ten reasons why you should visit is to enjoy the local culture. Unfortunately, this also means that the population of the country changes every 6 to 7 years.

Seasonal jobs

One of the major benefits of tourism is its ability to create jobs. Yet, a side effect that is nearly unavoidable is the fact that those jobs are sometimes seasonal; even if not, the profits garnered will hinge on peak seasons and off-peak seasons giving businesses a kind of imbalance. Some areas in the country have been known to be deserted for long time periods.