How to register for VAT in UAE

The United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council members are all set to enter a new era together on the first morning of the Year 2018. The regional governments have finally decided to shed the tax-fee practices and impose a 5 percent Value Added Tax on the residents of these countries on purchase of items and provision of services. The drastic step was suggested by the International Monetary Fund on numerous occasions in the past and now the region has opened their eyes to the reality. The basic aim of adopting this measure is to diversify the local economy from the oil reserves to ensure provision of excellent services and facilities to the masses. The governments have already announced January 1, 2018 as the date when all the businesses, except the exempted ones, will have to get themselves registered for the Value Added Tax. VAT registration UAE is not a difficult task at all because the UAE government has made it easy for everyone by installing an e-registration portal.


Since the companies and individuals in the Middle East region are dealing with the Value Added Tax for the first time ever, they need proper and professional guidelines about how to get them registered for the latest phenomenon. Whether you are a company or an individual, the first step is to get to know about the registration procedure. You need to be computer literate to a decent extent to be able to file for registration online because it is an online affair altogether. The Ministry of Finance, UAE has decided to use its web portal to get people enrolled for the Value Added Tax. The Ministry of Finance will issue the VAT certificate once the process is completed.


How to Get Registered for VAT Online?

The UAE Ministry of Finance has made it simple for everyone to get them registered for VAT. Following is a step by step guide to go through the registration process without any hassle.


  1. Visit the official website of the UAE Ministry of Finance at http://eservi
  2. Click on the option for VAT Certificate, which will open a new page
  3. Click on the button that states “Start Service”
  4. Fill in the required information and create your login ID and password, which has to be unique
  5. Once you’re done with the sign up process, it’s time to log into the system and reach the customers landing page
  6. Click on the button that states “Create a New Request”
  7. Fill up the required boxes
  8. Submit the details and the portal will direct you to the payment gateway
  9. You may use e-Dirham G2 cards, non-dirham cards, and e-Dwallat cards to make the payment online.
  10. Once you make the payment, an acknowledgement or confirmation receipt will be generated.

See full details and all the best in your VAT registration process.