How to find a trustworthy lawyer

EB5 visa in Dubai is not very difficult to get when you have the proper and complete information about it. The main source of getting complete and authentic information about EB5 visa is through a good lawyer who is acting as an agent too. Any consultant who is a lawyer too is better to hire than a consultant who is not. The reason behind this decision is that a lawyer will know about all the difficulties which can appear in your application and he or she is better able to tackle all those legal problems without bothering you or without worsening your case. You can go through the articles written by Shai Zamanian to get to know about the details but here are a few things which help you in getting in touch with the right consultant:

Legal ability: It is aforementioned that a consultant is better who is a lawyer too so you have to see that whether a consultant know about the legal thinks and on which level he knows about that. If he is on the beginner level then you should not take the risk to hire them for your permanent type of visa because it is more complicated rather you can hire them for other visa type like for study visa, visit visa or working visa. They can help you in this but for permanent type of visa you have to go to an experience professional that also has the experience as a practicing lawyer in the court.

Charges: This is very important to know that you need to pay them according to the work they are doing for you. If you are taking a lot of professional and high level work from them then you should expect them to demand a low pay from you. You have to provide them according to market rate or what they demand from you. Especially when you are there for getting their assistance for the permanent visa then you have to pay more but it should not bother you because where you are spending so much money in getting visa then you should give them what they demand after all they are the ones who are helping you out from any distress condition. Never be a covetous person when it comes the time to pay in return of their services ever.