Schools should not be boring. They should have activities to attract students. There are many activities which can be introduced to make Math and English interesting. Some of them are:

  1. Physical training: Introducing sports and gymnastics in curriculum can attract students a lot towards schools. It will improve their attendance and class performance as well because they will come to school so that can play and secondly, sports involve exercise and exercise make your muscles flexible and brain is also a muscular organ. You can make your sports more interesting by organizing different competitions and contests between different grades and section but first of all, hire a coach who has knowledge of different sports. You can hire a football coach or cricket coach. 
  2. Educational games: There are many students who have interest in chess and scrabble. Introducing these two sports will sharpen the minds of them a lot because they both need lots of mental work. To introduce them, you need to hire a scrabble coach and chess coach first and then introduce them in all grades so that all of them have improvement. The best players can be sent as participant in different competitions to represent your school or educational institute. But never put a burden on them of winning. 
  3. Arts and Crafts: Children love arts and painting. That’s the reason why there are arts and craft shop Dubai in every street of the city. It is the responsibility of a school to introduce such activities and subjects which can tell students about their society and culture and arts has capability to meet them to the history and actual way of living of their place. The teachers, who are hired for arts, should be given responsibility of arranging library resources for schools so that they can improve their reading and writing skills because art is not related to painting. Writing and reading is also part of it.
  4. Drama and plays: Children love to dress up and play different characters. Introducing this activity can improve their speech and language. It can also improve their writing skills too because they are required to learn scripts and their dialogues. The dialogues, might, have some words which they will read for the first time.  At many times, they have to read their dialogues in a different way than other which will teach them culture and pronunciation. Teachers can organize an annual play to make the activities enjoyable and give them motive.