5 Tips On Choosing Your Cigarette

Venturing into the world of tobacco fanatics means that you need to choose a brand that would suit your style and preference. Some beginners go through from brand to brand and took them months to figure out what kind of tobacco products they like.

Remember that tobacco companies in the UAE manufacture a number of names under their brand umbrella, so first-timers might find it a little difficult to find to select one. If this is the case, then here are some tips that might help you out:

  1. Know your style

Although it is not that obvious, cigarette brands represent a certain personality. For some, Marlboro represents cowboys and maturity while the youngsters often go for new brands and experiment on new tastes. You need to know which category you fall so it would be easy for you to determine what kind of brand would be a match for you. You might need to do some research on some brands that you don’t know. Do not discount unknown brands, they might be up to your ally.

  1. Know about the flavors

Apart from the personality, you might need to consider the flavor that you want. Some people veer away from strong-flavored cigarettes, especially the ones who are sensitive to strong odor and taste. You might need to try some packs of new flavors just to get a taste of the new flavors in the market. Do not rush. The process might take you time but be patient. The right flavor and brand will come your way.

  1. Consider your health

It is a known fact that cigarettes with strong flavors have high nicotine content. If you are health-conscious, you might need to considere cigarettes that have less nicotine concentration. Be sure to read the pack and the contents before you stick to a particular cigarette brand.

  1. Consider your supplier

Some brands are so rare it is hard to obtain. If you like a rare cigarette type, you might want to think about having a trusted supplier to provide you with a bulk of packs. You can check out the local stores to see if they carry they cigarette that you like. You might also want to check online stores.

  1. Consider a secondary brand pack

If you are choosing a cigarette brand, you might need to keep your options open. As mentioned, some brands are rare and some stores might not carry their line. If this is the case, you might need to consider looking for another cigarette line as a second favorite brand.

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