Category: Cleaning Services

  • Things to know about cleaning

    The process of cleaning is not that difficult, but yes, it is a little tricky and requires certain skills and knowledge that are possessed by home cleaning services in Dubai to ensure that you are doing the right job. Obviously it is not possible for every person to hire professional cleaning services in Dubai for […]

  • Things to consider when choosing a sofa cleaning service

    There was a time when cleaning of the sofas was not an easy task. You had to wait till your sofas get dirty to the point where you could consider changing the upholstery of your sofas. However, things have changed to a great deal these days and now you can a number of service providers […]

  • When do windows require cleaning?

    Internet is full of articles which tells you the importance of cleaning windows with advantages and disadvantages, but the real question which stands here is that, how often should you be cleaning your windows? Should it be on a regular basis, meaning every six months or should it be twice or thrice a year or […]