Easy Landscaping Hacks For Lazy People

As homeowners, it is our responsibility to make sure that our property look pleasant. But if you are busy or plain lazy, maintaining your home can be a chore.

But home experts and landscaping companies in UAE believe that there are ways to keep your exterior maintained with minimal effort. If you are looking for easy lawn upkeep hacks, read on this list:

  • Go for low maintenance foliage

If you are not into watering your blooms and foliage every day, you might want to go for foliage that are easy to maintain. The perfect example are putting succulents in your garden. Succulents are beautiful on its own right. But more importantly, they can thrive in tough conditions with less water and upkeep. The most common kind of succulents for lazy gardeners are agave and echeveria. There are a number of low maintenance plants and blooms that you can put in your garden that can give you the aesthetics that you want.

  • Consider artificial grass

Some people think that faking it in terms on lawn design can be tacky and cheap. But, if you are being practical, artificial grass is the way to go. You don’t have to get up in the morning to water them. If you are worried that it might look fake at first glance, do not worry. Artificial grass today is made to look like real. You can have the grassy look that you want, with less maintenance.

  • Go for less detail

As much as you want to put everything in your lawn, it would only make maintenance more complicated. Go for a simpler landscaping design that looks please but easy to maintain. Sticking to a single theme would make the landscaping work easier and you will have less upkeep chore to do since the design is suited for simpler lawn maintenance.

  • Automate the waterworks

Again, if watering plants is not your thing, it would be best to go for automated irrigation system that will set itself to water your foliage while you sit back and relax. The most common form of automated water irrigation is sprinklers, but the manual ones do not have timers. You might want to purchase and install timers separately.

  • Delegate it

If you have other family members, you might want to share this chore to them. You can create a schedule wherein everybody will have the chance to take care of the lawn and the garden. If you can, try to make it a fun family affair.

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