Things To Know Before Buying A Cctv Surveillance System

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There was a time when cctv surveillance cameras were considered as a luxury. Today, this is no longer the case. Almost all companies use modern surveillance systems these days. The purpose is to have a round the clock high performance surveillance system that lets you to stay aware of any type of activities at your workplace. Through the surveillance system, the entrepreneur and managers know what is happening at the workplace. However, what if you ended up buying a surveillance system that is not up to the mark? This could be for several reasons, like the cameras lack in resolution and video capture, or the surveillance system offering questionable performance to the buyer. In either case, it is extremely important that you should always study your options and always buy a system that is up to the mark. Here is more about what things you should know beforehand to get your business the best surveillance cctv system for your money. It will help you find some of the best cctv installation companies in Dubai for your requirements:

Camera Resolution

So, now that you’ve laid down your requirements, it is time to explore the surveillance systems in the market. As usual, you should consult those who are using these systems. They’ll give you some valuable information on what qualities to look for in a surveillance system. Having enough knowledge about the system and equipment will make it easy to find the best one. As such, you should look the performance of the system. See how well it performs when combined with cctv cameras. When it comes to cameras, always seek those that offer excellent resolution and video capture mode. In case you can afford, invest in cameras that offer both day and night surveillance and video capture capability. Also note that the system fits well into your budget.


Gone are the days when cctv cameras were heavy and were difficult to move around with. Today, you will find some of the lightest and most portable cameras in the market. It makes sense to go for lightweight portable high resolution cameras for your surveillance system. Doing so will make it easy for you to move the cameras around as you please. Also, portable cameras become handy when you intend to move your office to another place.

Keep these factors in mind before you start looking for a reputable access control system dubai.