As an entrepreneur, there is a lot you need to think about. From profits and loss to employee issues, you have your hands full these quite often. However, scaffolding is one of the things that require your proper attention. If you don’t, you might land in into deep trouble. It is important to consider your options and calculate probable risks that might hit during the process. it will make hiring the right scaffold company much easier. Here is more on common risks you must avoid before picking one out of many scaffold companies in Dubai:

Make Sure The Platform Is Stable

It is a must to check the platform before your contractor commences the work. Always ask the contractors to inspect the platform multiple times before placing labors in it. Though it is the company’s job to inspect the platform, some contractors don’t pay enough attention to minor details like platform security and durability. Keep in mind that incidents can and do happen. It is up to you to ensure that nothing goes wrong during your contract.

Not Asking For Insurance

A very common mistake that most entrepreneurs commit these days is by not asking the contractor about insurance. The scaffold company might not tell you there is no insurance for labors, so you must inquire about it to keep everything clear. If the company has no insurance in place, or the insurance doesn’t cover the labor properly, you must avoid hiring the company and look for other options.

Check The Preventive Measures

Some entrepreneurs lay too much trust in the scaffold company. In doing so, they don’t check if the company has necessary preventive measures in place or not. Remember, the company might overlook these if you don’t check them beforehand. Hence, it is important to see if the company has ensured proper preventive measures in place before commencing the contract. Check if the platform has rails and guard rails installed in the platform. Also, ask the company if they have assigned the contract to trained workers. Not every worker can work properly on great heights so ask them to only assign the most skillful and trained workers for the job.

At the end of the day, the company is only looking to finish the contract in time. In doing so, they may overlook at the safety of workers. However, the liability of any mishap or accident occurring during the contract might fall on you.

Also make sure they use durable Aluminum scaffolding planks in the platform for extra durability.